Where to put aquarium tank

Where to place fish tank in home

Aquarium – a whole underwater world that pleases both adults and children. If you decide to acquire such beauty, then you need to choose a place for the aquarium in advance.

Where to place fish tank in home

Suppose that the main thing is already behind – you have decided on the type and size of the aquarium you like, and also acquired it.  Picked up beautiful tropical fish, as well as aquatic plants for it. However, this is not all – in order for them to feel comfortable in a new home, you need to choose the right place for installing the aquarium, and for this, you need to take into account some aspects that can quite significantly affect the biological balance and the natural development of the water world of your aquarium.

To begin with, you should choose a flat horizontal surface where you can install it. As a rule, for these purposes, it is most convenient to use a bedside table, chest of drawers, or a table. In addition, the surface must have sufficient strength, since the weight of a large aquarium filled with water will also be considerable.

Experts recommend placing a sheet of polystyrene under the aquarium, which will better distribute the load, as well as smooth out irregularities between the aquarium and the surface, which will avoid possible distortions. Do not forget about the nearby electrical outlet, because it will be necessary to connect specialized equipment.

It is not recommended to place the aquarium near the window, where it will be affected by direct sunlight. It is under its influence that algae will produce enzymes that spoil the water, and the pebbles and walls will gradually be covered with green mucus, which will not only ruin the beauty but also harm the fish. Such a process is popularly called the “flowering” of water. As a rule, it occurs only in the summer.

Do not place the aquarium in places of significant temperature difference. In cold seasons, the proximity of the aquarium to the window can cause a drop in water temperature, especially at night when the heater is turned off.

The aquarium should be selected in combination with the color of the surrounding furniture. For the location of the aquarium, furniture of dark shades will be more preferable; against its background, the illuminated aquarium looks much more spectacular. It is not recommended to use catchy objects around the aquarium that distract the view from it. In addition, you should not install the aquarium near devices that make loud sounds, such as a music center, television, and so on – fish, like people, also love peace. Do not place the aquarium near the doors either – the constant movement of household members past it causes anxious behavior and stress in the fish.

Ensure good accessibility to both the aquarium and its technical components. Furniture elements located above the aquarium should not complicate its maintenance. The height of the aquarium should be chosen so that its center is visually located at the eye level of the person who approached it.

Where to put aquarium tank

Why have an aquarium at home?

Aquarium – a corner of the underwater world in the house. Pleasing green plants. The amazing color of the fish scurrying between the stems attracts the eye. A man looking at the aquarium is resting. In addition, it was established by doctors that it activity normalizes blood pressure, gives rest to the eyes, reduces anxiety. The presence of a large or several aquariums reduces the dryness of the air in a city apartment, which means it reduces the likelihood of respiratory diseases, the occurrence of viral infections transmitted by air. And most importantly, the aquarium is very beautiful, regardless of who lives in it. If the plants are fresh and grow well, the fish are healthy, and the water is clear, then everything is in order.

So let’s get started. Immediately I want to divide all the factors of Fishkeeping into pros and cons. The first, let’s say right away, pros will be an order of magnitude more than the cons, and you yourself will see this. But we still start by listing the negative factors, among which we immediately highlight the rather frequent washing of the aquarium (the frequency depends on its volume), cleaning, and daily feeding of its inhabitants. And this, in fact, is all the disadvantages of keeping water pets in the house.

There are a lot of positive factors in the presence of an aquarium. Firstly, the house will always have normal humidity, all your guests will immediately pay attention to a brightly glowing colorful aquarium, as decoration of the interior. Beautiful fish are always suitable for an easy discussion, to dilute the timid silence when meeting or an important meeting.

In addition to many aesthetic advantages, the aquarium also has healing properties. Yes, healing properties. All neuropathologists and psychotherapists recommend looking at the swimming fish for several minutes every day. Thus, the nervous system relaxes, a person is charged with positive emotions, becomes more cheerful and less problematic in his essence. The aura and psychological state improves. For children in general, the aquarium acts with enormous benefits. It is worth bringing the capricious kid to the tank with fish, as he becomes calm, “silk” and obedient.

Now aquariums contain not only fish and turtles, as it was before, but also more exotic fauna. Even shrimp is not the rarest thing for an aquarium right now. The diversity of algae and snails can generally be talked about for hours. And if you have the opportunity to keep marine pets (bring them sea water), then many real living corals will give your home interior an unprecedented beauty.