The aquarium in the hotel is a highlight of the interior and a source of positive emotions

The aquarium in the hotel is a highlight of the interior and a source of positive emotions

Exotic fish and shellfish, waterfalls, grottoes, coral reefs, caves, emerald vegetation, and other picturesque landscapes adorn the interior of the hotel lobby and restaurant, luxury rooms, and other rooms of the hotel, whose owners strive to provide their customers with the greatest amount of comfort they can manage.

It is necessary to approach the installation, arrangement, organization of the feeding process of fish and the replacement of water, maintenance of filtration systems, ventilation, lighting, and other aspects of an artificial pond with care in order for it to provide aesthetic pleasure to employees and guests while avoiding the occurrence of unnecessarily creating problems and incurring additional costs.

Furthermore, it is critical to select fish that do not consume decorative aquarium vegetation, do not compete with one another, and are at ease in a crowded environment before purchasing them.

We take these and other considerations into consideration when manufacturing aquariums for the hospitality industry, as well as in their design and placement, and we produce:

  • Structures that are long-lasting, elegant, and ergonomic, including aquarium-specific furniture, that is tailored to the size and purpose of the space, the overall design concept, the features of the hotel, and the hotel’s position in the market;
  • spectacular, bright, one-of-a-kind ecosystems that draw attention and delight the senses; and a variety of other features.

Hotel lobby aquariums: design and placement options for aquariums

Having an aquarium installed in the hotel lobby is a great way to accomplish two important tasks:

  • Guests’ waiting time for the room to be released or prepared is made more pleasant and interesting by the addition of this feature. Although it is impossible to completely avoid such situations, even with the most meticulous business planning, it is possible to minimize their impact. An afternoon spent in comfortable chairs with a cup of good coffee and contemplating the incredible underwater world transforms what could have been a rather laborious and aimless pastime into a full-fledged rest and relaxation experience.
  • It will serve as the “visiting card” for the establishment and will lend any style, individuality, and special charm to it.
The Aquarium at the Silverton Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada

If the room’s dimensions allow for it, the problem of where to put the aquarium in the hotel lobby is easily solved by simply moving the aquarium. It can be mounted on a wall or near a window, in the center of a room on a special stand, or in any other location that is most appropriate for these purposes in terms of design solutions and zoned areas.

A three-dimensional aquarium may be more difficult to fit into an existing small hall, but with the proper planning and execution, this can be accomplished without compromising the room’s functionality in any way. The embedding of the structure within the reception area is one of the most feasible and convenient options. The construction of an artificial reservoir can be transformed into a full-fledged administrative office if the administrator so desires:

Another option for incorporating an aquarium into a small foyer is to have it built into the wall itself. The selection of such a solution enables you to operate an artificial reservoir at any convenient time, without interfering with the work of administrators or interfering with the enjoyment of the underwater world by visitors:

Aquariums can be found in the hotel’s restaurant.

It is possible to install both a decorative composition with an original design and exotic inhabitants in the restaurant of the hotel complex, as well as an aquarium with live fish for cooking, in the restaurant of the complex. Professionally designed and constructed, the latter can successfully combine a functional and decorative function with the role of an original, and frequently a focal point, in an enclosed space.

Even the largest restaurant can be equipped with both a container containing gastronomic delicacies and a decorative aquarium, the latter of which can perform additional functions if so desired by the proprietor. Example: An artificial pond with properly organized lighting can perfectly complement the lighting design concept that was originally intended:

The presence of an aquarium in the hotel room

When placed in the living room of a premium room, a spectacular, stylish, and lavishly decorated aquarium will quickly become an exclusive decoration and an excellent means of attracting VIP customers.

It is possible to provide access to technical equipment and feeders without disturbing guests, both from the adjacent or special utility room and from the upper floor in this situation. The problem is also successfully resolved by installing automatic feeders, filtration systems, ventilation, and water substitution systems in the structure.

The aquarium in the hotel is a highlight of the interior and a source of positive emotions

In the billiard room, there is an aquarium.

The establishment of a billiards room in the hotel allows the proprietor to generate additional revenue while also introducing guests and local residents to the “game of real aristocrats.” Furthermore, by including a beautiful aquarium in the room, you can further enhance the overall attractiveness of the decor: