Setting up a tropical fish tank for the first time

Setting up a tropical fish tank for the first time

Setting up a tropical fish tank for the first time

Let’s start with where the tropical fish tank will stand. It should not stand at the window, as the aquarium should not drop direct sunlight, it begins to bloom water.

The size of the aquarium. We start from the selected position and determine the size of the aquarium.

We recommend that you consider the following when selecting sizes:

  • The aquarium must be at least 40 cm wide. This applies if you want to grow plants. With a smaller size, it is very difficult to create a composition. If you plan to put fish in the aquarium without plants, the width may be less.
  • Height of the aquarium. We recommend up to 60 cm. You know that the higher it is, the more difficult it is for light to pass through the water column and on the ground, it may not be enough for the normal development of plants. Also, maintaining a high aquarium is a fairly time-consuming process, for example, planting a plant or digging. For most plants, the height of the water column is 50 cm.

The size and shape of the tropical fish tank can vary depending on the purpose. The Shape of the fish tank is determined by the place of its installation and its aesthetic taste, and the maximum size – common sense and convenience of care. The physiological secretions of Fish and invertebrates cannot be “washed away” as in natural water so that the aquarium inhabitants essentially have to breathe and swim in their own excrement. But the situation is not so bad, because there is a filter system that is supposed to clean water. The larger the volume of water in the aquarium, the more qualities are shown that neutralize dangerous fluctuations, this is a very important thing to know when setting up a tropical fish tank for the first time. It follows that large aquariums deal better with physiological secretions and other toxins as small.

Tropical fish tanks from 100 to 500 liters are the most optimal. In such quantities it is easier to maintain the biological balance than in nano aquariums, they fit most aquarium inhabitants, look good in the interior (in terms of the surrounding furniture) and do not require too much effort. There is a pattern that the smaller the tropical fish tank, the worse the growth and appearance of fish, and lots of them. In addition, a small volume of the aquarium can occur strong changes in the temperature and chemical composition of the water, quickly accumulate harmful metabolites in the water, decompose food residues, and it is difficult to maintain the necessary amount of oxygen, though not all fish need oxygen. Larger aquarium fish (6-7 cm or more) should have at least 200-250 liters of aquarium space available.

What fish to choose for tropical fish tank?

When we talk about setting up a tropical fish tank for the first time with a collection of fish and lush vegetation that decorate the room, it can be from 60 cm to 2 m or more in length, if you can afford it. The height of small reservoirs is usually half or two-thirds of the length. If the size of the reservoir increases, its height should be 5-10 cm more than the width, but should not exceed 50-60 cm. Many people like high blood vessels, but they are impressive only in their appearance, but the functionality is unlikely. First, they are usually still narrow, and the water so breaks the light rays that the width of the aquarium seems even smaller. Therefore, fish in such reservoirs lack a sense of space, they swim as if they are spreading along the front window. The elongated tropical fish tank looks very harmonious, it has enough space for fish. Aquariums for growing plants are better to do with a large floor area and about 40 cm height. In this case, the plants receive more light, as water absorbs a significant percentage of the Rays.

Which tropical fish tank for the first time would you prefer large or small? The fact is that some people prefer to keep large fish at least 15-20 cm tall and they simply do not perceive smaller fish. Others, on the other hand, prefer small fish such as small shoal fish and bright characidae fish. Large fish can be sometimes aggressive and unbothered, and watching them will cause a feeling of anxiety and stress. Of course, for large fish, you need a more spacious aquarium, and this should be taken into account when buying.

Most big fish are not compatible with small living plants, they can do bad things to them. They dig them out, break them, tear the leaves. In addition, large fish need space for swimming and the aquarium for them can not be too cluttered. Some tropical fish are kept in groups, others in pairs. Which fish do you like more mobile, agile, or mild, slower? If you choose the wrong fish, the aquarium can annoy you. Calculate the required volume of the aquarium based on the number of fish. Try the aquarium with friends or in a pet store, and decide which fish you like best.

Do you want to have an underwater garden or will you be satisfied with a tropical fish tank decorated only with stones, driftwood, and plastic photos of plants? When choosing fish, you also choose the type of tropical fish tank that should meet the requirements of future residents. If you want to decorate your aquarium with live plants, you need to abandon some fish species, for example, most large cichlids, from herbivorous species such as Dollar Fish. However, most other species of aquarium fish can freely exist with living plants and you have a big number to choose the right one for you. Some types of herbivorous fish can be kept with certain much stronger plant species.

Another type of tropical fish tank you can choose for the first time.

Fish tank or paludarium? If your household wants to have not only an aquarium but also a greenhouse for interesting houseplants, you should start a paludarium. Its lower part of the aquarium is filled with water, decorated with aquatic plants, hooks, and stones, and fish are started — as in a normal aquarium. The upper surface part is decorated with various types of houseplants suitable for the conditions of the paludarium. Small pots of plants are placed on shelves or on the back wall of the paludarium, covered with bark or a special artificial background. For the possibility of maintenance in the upper part of the paludarium make glass doors or remove the upper part of the front (side) glass.

Alternative Aquariums: Paludarium

To decorate the surface part of the paludarium, small plants are used, mostly different types of bromeliads, orchids, ferns, small-leaved lianas. As a kind of hybrid of aquarium and greenhouse, the paludarium should be high enough. Together with a standard stand (60-70 cm) and a lamp (10-20 cm), it usually reaches a height of 170-180 cm. If you need a high decorative partition for interior decoration, the paludarium is the best choice.

Sizes of a tropical fish tank and where to place it

The floor aquarium is the most common because of the relative simplicity of construction and ease of maintenance. It usually contains a container of transparent material for water, a stand, and a lamp cover. The most common rectangular aquariums that are most commonly installed along the wall. But you can put the aquarium perpendicular to the wall and in the center of the room. In this case, it will, say, separate the workplace from the Recreation Area, and so on. a Decorative rectangular aquarium can be of different lengths.

The standard tropical fish tank that beginners set up for the first time is considered to have the same width and height. The best proportions are when height and width are equal, with a length of 1.5-2 times larger. From the point of view of creating favorable conditions for fish, especially in terms of the oxygen regime, the greater the width exceeds the height, the better. The width should not exceed 40-45 cm. If there is a free angle, a corner aquarium is ideal for you, with a triangular shape in the projection with the front cut corners. Such an aquarium does not take up much space and allows interesting multidimensional compositions due to the relative depth of the space between the front viewing wall and the opposite (rear) corner.

The built-in aquarium can be part of a niche or internal partition so that its depth does not normally exceed 350 mm, but the width often reaches 3 m. The aquarium diorama is in fact a type of one of the first two, with the only difference being that its front wall is concave with a small radius of curvature. As a result, the Observer has a sense of “immersion” in the underwater world — a good visual effect.

DIORAMA aquascaping style = best for IAPLC

Aquariums that have a significantly higher height than the width, so-called screens, look beautiful, especially if they contain tall plants and body-rich fish (for example, scalars). The water depth to the ground should not exceed 50 cm. The height of the aquarium reduces the light intensity needed to illuminate the entire aquarium, and accordingly problems with soiling glass, plants, and decorative items with algae. In high Aquariums, the lower water layers are poorly supplied with oxygen, which leads to mandatory ventilation of the water through a compressor. The higher the aquarium, the stronger the compressor is required to generate more pressure. For aquariums more than 60 cm is difficult, and for more than 70 cm it is impossible to get objects filled with water by hand from the bottom of the aquarium. This leads to great difficulties in care.

If you can’t put the aquarium anywhere, you can hang it on the wall. A suspended aquarium allows you to save space but is limited in weight. For security reasons, cantilever aquariums should not have a weight of more than 70-100 kg and a thickness of more than 15-18 cm. A screen aquarium and a picture aquarium are suitable for this purpose. The aquarium shade is more comfortable for residents and for care, and the aquarium picture looks more beautiful on the wall. The first has the same thickness and is usually quite flat-no more than 15-20 cm, and the last has a wider upper part than the bottom. Like an ordinary painting, the aquarium picture is suspended at the height of the head of a standing person. The disadvantage of these aquariums is obvious — because of the small thickness of the aquarium looks flat, it is difficult to create a beautiful landscape, to dress up life support equipment, not all kinds of fish and plants can live here.

You can set up for the first time an exclusive tropical fish tank can be either complex or simple. For example, a six-sided outdoor aquarium looks very impressive-a” tower ” about 2 m high with a clock above and corals below. No less attractive is the design in the form of a glass coffee table with a special lighting of the underwater kingdom. Not to mention the bar at home.