Setting up a tropical fish tank for the first time

Setting up a tropical fish tank for the first time

An important part of setting up a tropical fish tank for the first time are Tropical fish, creatures of amazing beauty that will decorate any aquarium. The care requires special knowledge because they are accustomed to a climate that is clearly different from ours, even if they were bred on the territory of our country. So if you choose bright tropical fish, you should learn all the information about the natural habitat and habitual lifestyle of the fish species that populate your aquarium. Mix non-incompatible fish. After all, each species has its own preferences in food, water temperature, and balance. In addition, some residents of tropical waters can live only in freshwater, and others – only in the sea. You will certainly not be able to get along in the same tank.

Arranging tropical fish tank

The first thing you need to arrange a corner of the tropical underwater world is to choose the type of fish and, based on your choice to buy a suitable aquarium to set up a tropical fish tank for the first time. This can be a rectangular, square, or oval aquarium. Its size depends entirely on the size of the individuals and their number. First, it is better to buy a fish tank smaller than the fish you want to have. It is recommended to do this so that the fish can spawn and their offspring and also find a place to hide.

Do not try to save money for the purchase of an aquarium. A bad tank made of bad glass can eventually deform and even tear. Therefore, when buying a cheap aquarium, pay attention to the quality of materials and work. Or choose more expensive models from proven manufacturers of aquarium equipment.

Care for tropical fish

The tank with its inhabitants must be placed correctly. It should be a quiet area that is not subject to draughts, with good lighting in the winter and moderate in summer. When setting up a tropical fish tank for the first time choose a noisy place in the passage room next to a constantly switched on TV hardly becomes a cozy place for fish. In addition, you cannot install the tank next to air conditioners, radiators and heaters that can change the temperature in the aquarium.

In order for the water to meet the natural needs of the fish in all parameters, it is necessary to equip the aquarium with equipment. For continuous cleaning, you need a good filter with the possibility of bio-cleaning. Also, an air pump should not be superfluous to saturate the water in the aquarium with vital oxygen. Lighting can be installed if the room does not get light and plants grow in the aquarium. However, you should not leave bright daylight at night. Both fish and plants need a natural way to change day and night.

Special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the water and the walls of the aquarium. The water quality should be constantly checked with tests and, if necessary, use chemicals that help restore the necessary chemical balance and nitrogen cycle.

If the aquarium houses tropical marine fish, you need a skimmer to clean protein contamination-it saves the water from organic matter dissolved in it.

Since most tropical inhabitants are lovers of warm water, they need a heater for the aquarium. It is desirable that it is equipped with a thermostat. This makes it easier to control the water temperature and keep it within acceptable limits. For marine fish the temperature range is 24-27°C and for freshwater fish 23-29°C.

Care after setting up a tropical fish tank for the first time

If you set you a tropical fish tank for the first time properly according to the needs of the fish living in it – that’s half the success.

New fish in the tank should be introduced gradually and adaptation measures should be implemented. First, place the fish in a small tank and gradually replace the water with water from the aquarium. Thus, the fish get used to the water quality in their future whereabouts, and the relocation will not affect their health.

Feeding tropical fish for the first time, while the running aquarium stabilizes, you don’t need more than once a day, but at the same time. Later, you can enter a new mode – eat in small portions 2-3 times a day.

Pay attention to the selection of food for fish. If the aquarium is populated by some kind of fish, it makes sense to buy a diet created specifically for it. If the tank contains fish with different nutrients that live on different layers of the aquarium, use mixed food.

The purity and quality of the water as well as the compliance of the food with the physiological needs of fish depend entirely on their health. If the aquarium is not clean enough or the temperature and balance of the water are not suitable for fish, they can get sick. In this case, it is worth consulting with a specialized doctor and using drugs for fish to cure ailments.

When you will set up a tropical fish tank for the first time you will notice that tropical fish are quite fragile creatures, totally dependent on the conditions in which they are placed by the owners of the aquarium. To successfully maintain them, you should take the time to study their natural habitat and make an effort to recreate them in your own tropical fish tank. Instead, these bright and unusual fish will become a unique decoration of your home.

What do you need to set up a tropical fish tank for the first time?

The water Kingdom with its colorful inhabitants is a beautiful sight. It fascinates, brings peace and harmony. It is not surprising that many people want to have a piece of such beauty at home or in the office.
If you decide to get fish, you have an important task-to buy an aquarium. It should fit well into the environment and be a comfortable home for its residents. In the search, you will find many options for aquariums. Among the many offers, it is sometimes difficult to choose.

How do I choose a tropical fish tank?

First, you need to choose the optimal place to install the aquarium. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight and there should be free space for maintenance. Then select the desired size and shape.
There are different types of containers:

  • rectangular (standard)
  • with a convex or concave windscreen
  • Corners
  • Hexagons
  • cylindrical
  • Round

The tank must be properly prepared for new fish:

  • the installation area must be strictly horizontal
  • the gravel is planted in the tank and washed
  • Plants are planted, and accessories installed
  • Equipment is connected (lighting, compressor, filter, heating with thermostat)

To avoid water blooming and water cloudiness, you need to stand a week before putting the fish. During this time, the water will “mature” and the biological balance will be established. If you do not want to wait, you can buy bacteria that accelerate the development of microflora.

Large aquarium: outdoor, built-in

If you have set up a large tropical fish tank for the first time, pay particular attention to the installation. The table for such a tank should be reinforced. For example, a 100-liter vessel filled with water, along with equipment and decorations, can weigh up to 130 kg!

If the capacity exceeds 100 liters, it is better to place them on the floor or on an iron stand. Outdoor aquariums of large volume have a very thick glass and weigh themselves decently. With water, your weight can reach a ton. To install, choose a place near the wall from the center of the room. This reduces the load on the mezzanine.

The highlight of the interior can be a built-in aquarium with a width of 30-40 cm, a depth of several meters. An interesting option is located in a partition or niche. Aquarium lamps can also serve as Night Lights.

Large containers are easier to maintain than small ones. The biosystem in them is more stable. Possible errors in the fish content have no fatal consequences. For a beginner, it is better to choose a volume of around 50 liters.

Round aquarium: advantages and disadvantages

When setting up a tropical fish tank for the first time the perfect home for a goldfish is in the form of a ball. This is a very popular decorative element for the older generation. It can also be made in the form of a glass. The volume of such containers does not normally exceed 30 liters.
Aquarium round ball has a number of drawbacks:

  • it is not as easy to clean as a rectangular tropical fish tank
  • it distorts the appearance of fish (especially low volume)
  • it is more difficult to hide the equipment in it

However, all these disadvantages are fully compensated by their spectacular decorative properties. Sometimes what some consider a disadvantage is an advantage for others. Distortion of objects on the distant wall of the sphere allows you to enjoy amazing surreal views of the water world.
In addition, the ball jar may not be used for the intended purpose. It is good for lotteries and as a vase.

Small aquarium: choose the right one

The main advantage of setting up a small tropical fish tank for the first time is space-saving. It can be placed on a locker, bedside table, or shelf. This is a good option for a small apartment. If you choose a vessel with front curved glass, it will look visually more voluminous.

There are also suspended aquariums. They are placed on the wall. The most popular is in the form of an image. The thickness of such a tank usually does not exceed 20 cm.
Think carefully before buying a very small aquarium. It can be tight for its residents. You can choose the desired volume yourself.
For a 1 cm long fish, at least 1 liter of water is needed. According to preliminary calculations, add a few liters to the result for the future. Also note: the width of the tank must be greater than its height.

Marine aquarium: the choice of professionals

Compared to freshwater, maintaining a Marine Aquarium is quite laborious for a beginner. It is necessary to constantly maintain the parameters of the biosystem, as marine fish are very demanding for the environment. But for a professional aquarist with high-quality equipment is