Large aquariums for small apartments and small offices

Is it good to buy large aquariums for small apartments and small offices

Making space for an aquarium of this size in a small apartment or office is complicated by the need to incorporate an original design and large exotic fish into the space available. It is difficult to accomplish this in a limited field, which frequently leads to the abandonment of such ideas. If you enlist the assistance of professionals, the situation will improve – a spectacular aquarium will add variety to your home and recreational activities while causing minimal disruption.

Corner aquarium placement.

The option that benefits all parties. Examine the small amount of space it takes up and how stylish the large corner aquarium created by masters appears in the following images:

In the corner of the room, a semicircular structure with neat lighting, an external biofilter hidden in the cabinet, and other equipment made it possible to save the maximum amount of useful space, get rid of “boring” straight lines, and please the apartment owners as well as their visitors by displaying large numbers of colorful and beautiful cichlid fish.

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In a minimalist office space with limited space, aquariums built into the wall are an absolute must-have feature.

Aquarium specialists who work in the professional manufacture of aquariums are frequently called upon to solve problems that appear to be insurmountable. It appears that an aquarium will not fit in an office space composed of narrow winding corridors and small closed offices, but the space is not only impressive but also arbitrarily large enough that the landscapes and inhabitants of the aquarium delight both all employees of the company as well as all visitors on a daily basis, as an example.

In order to solve this problem while also restoring and decorating an extremely laconic interior, professional craftsmen didn’t have to work very hard:

160 Gallon AQUARIUM in My Wall...

It was necessary to use a small portion of the miniature hall to construct a structure consisting of a metal frame with steel profile and drywall. Access to the equipment and feeders is gained through the adjacent office, which has special doors installed in the wall on which it is located.

Large aquariums provide excellent opportunities for effective zoning.

If it is necessary to allocate several zones in the room, to obtain natural lighting, and to keep the room as a whole, a large-volume aquarium will aid in achieving this objective.

View the previous picture to see how the original architect, in “co-authorship” with a specialist in aquarium design, decorated the space of a common room in the apartment and turned it into a recreation and social area:

Professional service is a guarantee that there will be no problems.

The complexity of caring for the inhabitants of a large aquarium and cleaning and replacing water as well as preventing and repairing aquarium equipment often prevents owners of apartments, residential buildings, and, in particular, working rooms from starting a large aquarium project in their space constraints. Seek professionals who are prepared to carry out all of these and other tasks on an ongoing basis and under the most favorable conditions.

You can also find services that give guarantees provided to you if you enter into a contract with us for the maintenance of the aquarium:

  • In addition to the trouble-free operation of the filtration, and ventilation systems, automatic water exchange, and other complex equipment
  • the aesthetic appearance of an artificial reservoir during the entire period of operation
  • the health and longevity of representatives of the flora and fauna that inhabit the aquarium are also important considerations.