How to build a large fish tank

How to build a large fish tank

There are Aquariums of different types, shapes, and volumes. For example, let’s give a description of only one type – rectangular. This is a container made of glass without a frame, with the use of organosilicon adhesives.

How to build a large fish tank

For the use of capacity from the options offered by Aquariums, the average volume, which is more common in shops, was chosen.

The ratio of height, length, and width of rectangular aquariums is limited by certain standards that offer both strength and reliability in operation, as well as optimal dimensions developed by practice. For example, gas and heat exchange is disturbed in too narrow and high aquariums. And yet, in the case of the use of screens of such shapes for decoration in the corridors of apartments, which is attractive and fits well into the interior, the fishkeeper offers measures (and they are available to all) that ensure normal conditions for certain fish species. For example, you can build a large fish tank of glass with a thickness of 4 mm: height-30 cm, length-not more than 60 cm; height-35 cm, length-not more than 50 cm; height-40 cm, length 40 cm. Made of glass with a thickness of 5 mm: height-30 cm, length-80 cm; height-40 cm, length-60 cm; height-45 cm, length-50 cm; Height 50 cm, length 40 cm. Made of glass with a thickness of 6.4 mm: height-not more than 40 cm, length up to 30 cm; height-not more than 50 cm, length-up to 80 cm.

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The cut glass must be treated with a special chemical wiper. Wipe the edges and joints with a cloth soaked in the solution and wipe it dry. Treat the soil in the same way by placing it on a flat surface. Then cut the corner of the sealant tube and use it as a pipette, apply a uniform 3-4 mm adhesive layer along the length and end of the bottom edge. Carefully place Glass, alternately connect, follow the edge of the floor and form the top corner. To fix the glasses, you can use plasticine. The sealant hardens within 15-20 minutes.

The remaining glasses are mounted individually, with a sealant applied to the edges of the side windows with time delay for solidification. The last place the front glass, which applies sealant not only on the edge of the floor but also on both glasses.

After mounting the aquarium, you should alternately fill the glass joints and corners of the structure with a sealing layer of at least 8 mm and give time to harden.

The finished aquarium is placed on a flat surface (wood, board), linoleum, and felt are placed underneath.

The next part of how to build a large fish tank is putting gravel, preferably not gray tones, not very small. This contributes to the favorable components of the water. Small soil eliminates ventilation, it collects the products of putrefaction and ammonia. Gravel is treated with a solution of hydrochloric acid, washed with running water, boiled, and replaced with water until the wastewater becomes transparent.

The prepared gravel floor is laid out in a layer of 30-40 mm over the entire length of the floor next to the back wall. To prevent the gravel from spreading, it is necessary to put a partition with a height of about 60*70 mm made of glass or other material that does not react with water. In the aquarium, you can lay a few stones or well-cooked Willow driftwood.

The finished aquarium is three quarters covered with glass. A filter and a heater are installed on the sidewall to the right or left /a mechanical filter can also be placed in the aquarium/. If necessary, light is brought into the aquarium.

Equipment needed to build a large fish tank

The main condition for the life of Fish and plants is oxygen dissolved in water. Under natural conditions, the process of oxygen saturation occurs through contact of the maximum surface of the reservoir water with atmospheric air and natural mixing of water layers. Plants play a larger role in this process. In nature, which chooses its own conditions of existence in different depths and soils, they enrich the water well with oxygen. Some of them cleanse the environment of small particles, mostly organic, create conditions of existence, serve as an incentive for fish reproduction, protection for them. In addition, plants contribute to the formation of a specific climate, the composition of the water where they grow. For plants and their vital activity, illumination is absolutely necessary, which has its own properties of the spectral range. Thus, without light, there can be no release of oxygen by plants. It is also known that the water temperature affects the oxygen content. In turn, the wildlife of water, which can not exist without oxygen, cleanses the environment-plants and soil of sediments, parasitic algae, mucus, exposing the photosensitive surface of the leaves of plants that produce oxygen. How to build a large fish tank? Well, take note that everything is in close relationship resembles a closed character, in whose chain everything is very important: light, air, temperature, plants, and animals.

In artificial conditions – in aquariums, where it is impossible to take everything into account you need to create an environment close to the natural:

  • select the desired light source according to strength and quality;
  • saturate the water with oxygen by mixing it intensively with the air in the aquarium;
  • keep the temperature for a particular community of animals and plants.

Lighting is selected as recommended for each type of aquarium described below. It is known that it is best to use combined lighting that promotes active plant growth, i.e. to use incandescent bulbs in combination with fluorescent ones. Even for a large aquarium standing at the window, the natural light is too strong, resulting in a water Bloom. When you place the aquarium in the corner of the room, the light falls unevenly on it. Therefore, when building large fish tank fishkeepers prefer artificial lighting, which is easily adjustable.

A small aquarium can be lit from above with an ordinary table lamp or wall lamp. For medium and large aquariums make a special lighting device.

For lighting, incandescent and fluorescent lamps are used separately and in combination. The power of incandescent bulbs can be 15, 25, 30, 40 W / stronger can cause rapid growth of algae/. Daylight lamp / preferably with an output of 20, 30 W. with combined lighting, the performance ratio of daylight and incandescent lamps are approx 3,5:1,0.

The acceptable lighting rate for aquariums up to 50 cm high is no more than 1 W per liter of water for incandescent lamps and 0.3 W for fluorescent ones.

The duration of daylight for the aquarium is 12-14 hours. Periodically turning on the light is harmful to fish. At night it is not necessary to light the aquarium – it exhausts its inhabitants, disrupts the photosynthesis of plants.

When asking question How to build a large fish tank you need to know that oxygen saturation of water is carried out by the air pump. And the smaller the spray, the more completely the water is saturated with oxygen. Abrasive corundum materials, porous plastic, sandstone, dried Linden branch with oblique cut are used as sprayers… The best sprayer is considered to be a structure made of a porous abrasive material. With a sprayer, consider its property of forced water circulation (water exchange of aquarium layers), the flow rate-the supply of aquarium water to filters various cleaning systems.

The sprayer rock is connected to the air source by a polyethylene or nylon tube-the air pump, which must be above the surface of the aquarium water so that no water from it flows into the compressor mechanism. When building a large fish tank notice that air pump on the way to the aquarium, in the section of the tube with air, you can connect various services and manipulators-valves, the metering of the air supply, ozonators, and atmospheric air, filter, mechanical and biological filters that clean the water of polluting organic substances.

In the sale and everyday life of fishkeepers, there are a sufficient number of different versions of compressor Pistons, diaphragm type with motor and vibration drive. Vibrational structures with a membrane mechanism remain common. When choosing a compressor, you need to take into account the amount of air used and the pressure on the jobs of the fishing industry.

The water temperature in the aquarium is maintained by a heater and controlled either manually by an autotransformer or automatically by a thermostat. The temperature regimes for each type of aquarium are described below. it should be added that the growth of plants depends very much on the temperature regime, but often it is not necessary to take this into account due to the requirements of the conditions for keeping and breeding fish.

When building a large fish tank you should know that most aquarium fish are of tropical and subtropical origin. Climatic conditions in their homeland are characterized above all by a high average annual temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a constant temperature of 23-25°C in the aquarium. A sudden lowering of the temperature should not be allowed. Fish become slower at the same time, lose color, spawn badly, get sick.

The water temperature is monitored with a thermometer.

How to build a large fish tank: quick list

  • Net for washing food with a 0.3 mm round cell, 120 mm in diameter, slightly deeper than the diameter;
  • Net for catching fish made of synthetic fabric with a cell of at least 3 mm, size 150x100 mm, with a handle length of approx.;
  • Net for catching fry with a cell not larger than 1 mm;
  • Food washing net with a short handle with a diameter of 200 mm made of material with a 1 mm cell;
  • net for washing “living dust” to feed fry of the same size as the previous, but the fabric should be here with a cell no larger than 0.15-0.13 mm;
  • Storage place for storing food Tubifex in the refrigerator;
  • short red, green or blue cleaning hose;
  • long hose of the same color and quality for pumping and filling the aquarium with water;
  • Air pump, thin air hose, Sprayer tees, taps, glass pipes, nylon watering can, pipette mug, measuring mug;
  • the pins for attaching hoses to the ends of the aquariums.

In aquariums it is easiest to keep fish from the tropics and subtropics, but also other species of fish and plants in the corresponding geographical areas require the necessary composition and temperature of the water. Its important parameters are hardness and acidity. If you didn’t find answer to the question how to build a large fish tank I recommend you to check out more videos on youtube like this one:

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