how long does water need to sit to dechlorinate

How long does water need to sit to dechlorinate

How long does water need to sit to dechlorinate?

During the preparation of the first start of the aquarium and subsequent maintenance, the fishkeeper rightfully asks the question how long does water need to sit to dechlorinate? It is strictly not recommended to fill the aquarium with undisturbed tap water.

Pouting not dechlorinated water can lead to the mass death of fish in the next five minutes, as there are impurities in the tap water, the presence of which aquarium fish cannot tolerate.

Impurities are divided into the following types:

  • Gaseous
  • Liquid
  • Solid

Letting tap water to sit, for replacement or before putting fish, helps to get rid of two types of impurities: gaseous, which evaporate into the air, and solid, which is defended as sediment falling to the bottom of the tank. Liquid impurities are not removed by settling the water, but the concentration will not be dangerous thanks to the work of the city water channel. Basically, water sedimentation is used to remove chlorine, which is present in tap water, and related substances.

How to dechlorinate water?

Your tap water needs to sit for a long time to dechlorinate. The method is simple. Pour water into a container for settling and leave for a while. The best choice for a settling tank is a tank with a wide surface and a shallow depth. Draw water with strong pressure from the faucet or spray with a shower. This allows you to remove most of the chlorine contained even in the phase of water absorption. In addition, you can filter the prepared water with an aquarium filter.

For how much does water need to sit to dechlorinate?

In forums, beginner fishkeepers meet the following values of the settlement period:

  • Night
  • Day
  • One week or ten days

It is known that tap water contains solid impurities. But, they drop out in a few hours. Gaseous impurities in the form of chlorine evaporate when water is collected or when water is intensely mixed for a few ten minutes. It can be concluded that the settling of water during the night or the day is sufficient for the aquarium.

Where did the week come from? I do not know, and experience does not confirm that water has to settle for so long when we talk about a home aquarium.

Do I need to sit water to dechlorinate?

It is necessary to defend the water for another reason, in addition to the impurities contained. This is the compensation of the water temperature when settling to the value of the water temperature in the aquarium. If you pour a sufficient amount of cold tap water into the aquarium, aquarium fish risk a temperature shock that leads to poor health or mass death.

Rapid sedimentation of water with Tetra Aquasafe or Sera Aquatan

You can quickly dechlorinate water without letting it sit for a long time through special formulations such as Tetra Aquasafe or Sera Aquatan. The composition is added to aquarium water, disinfected, volatilized or impurities in the sediment removed. The water is ready for use immediately after adding the composition. The dosage to use is indicated on the packaging.

My answer to the question of how long does water need to sit to dechlorinate is to have Tetra Aquasafe or Sera Aquatan in reserve and defending the aquarium water in the traditional way if time allows.

Aquarium water parameters

Before you are confused by the choice of fish and plants for your aquarium and after getting an answer on how long does water need to sit to dechlorinate, you must know the main parameters of the water, i.e. the environment of your future living space. To do this, you can buy special tests for aquarium water or find out these parameters in a pet store, from aquarium friends. First, you need to know only two parameters-the hardness (dH) and the acidity of the water (pH). Ideally, the water should not be very soft. In soft water, the supply of hard water nutrients (Ca, Mg, K, S, and Cl) is exhausted. In addition, water often has low alkalinity, which can mean rapid changes in pH.

Fill the aquarium with cold tap water. To prevent soil erosion, before filling it is necessary to cover the soil with a plastic plate or pour tap water on a wide plate laid on the ground, but not too strong. A tool that contains bacterial “starter culture” – useful for aquarium microflora, it makes sense to make. Water and soil should be “revived”, that is, colonized with microorganisms necessary for the normal functioning of the aquarium ecosystem. Start the filter, turn on the heating and compressor. Cover the aquarium with a lid. Insert the wires and hoses in order and wipe the aquarium glass from stains. Check for leaks and stability of the aquarium. The water will probably be a little muddy (it is impossible to wash the bottom perfectly), and foam may appear on its surface.

It is important that the fish fit the water of your aquarium: it should be almost the same as the one you are used to. Salinity, temperature, acidity-all this should be convenient for your pets. Now many fish species are bred in aquariums so that they have been getting used to the parameters of tap water for several generations. But fish caught in the Wild must gradually adapt to the water, and the closer the parameters in the aquarium are to the parameters of the” native ” fish, the more likely it is to adapt to it successfully.

Starting a new aquarium is a difficult and quite long process, we do not want to upset you, but it takes at least a month. Plus you need to care about chlorine in the water. How long does water need to sit to dechlorinate? Remember that it is for about a day. The whole difficulty in starting a new aquarium is the presence of chlorine in the water and the absence of the right bacteria in the right amount. Without a sufficient number of these microorganisms, it is impossible to establish a biological balance in the aquarium. It usually takes two to four weeks for the aquarium and its biological filter to “mature”, that is, develop a sufficient population of nitrifying bacteria that participate in the nitrogen cycle. In addition, you can enter the initial bacterial culture thereby buying from a pet store or simply take a few handfuls of the substrate from another active aquarium, unless there is a risk that it will affect the chemical composition of the water and bring pathogens.

However, it is much more reliable to use the natural method. If this “instant” tool still does not work (for example, because its expiration date has already expired), the fish will most likely die. In addition, a long maturation period has other advantages:

  • Makes it possible to clean the water of all the substances that are exposed in it, and the mass development of bacteria, which usually occurs in the first 2-4 days after pouring water into a new aquarium;
  • Allows you to control the chemical composition and temperature of the water and to properly configure the equipment;
  • Allows the fishkeeper to control the water hardness and the pH value in case of desirable or undesirable effects from the aquarium decoration elements;
  • Allows the fishkeeper to ensure that all devices work properly and replace a specific device if it does not work;

Nitrogen cycle and other things that should happen in the aquarium.

Now it is time for the final filling of the aquarium with water. It is best to fill the aquarium with good standing water to let it dechlorinate and for how long does water need to sit to dechlorinate?. For about a day, but you should check our previous paragraphs. When you pour water from the tap into the aquarium and settle in it, all the sediment remains in the aquarium. A large number of air bubbles form on the glass and decorations. This water eliminates excess gases in tap water (due to high pressure). After filling the water, the water in the aquarium can become cloudy. You do not have to find ways to clean it, it is mud from the ground (gray color), and it will settle in one day.

If you fill the aquarium with standing water, you can plant plants at the same time as the filling. After filling the aquarium with water and plants and snails, the water can become cloudy for one to three days (whitish mud). You do not need to change the water, it will clear in a few days. This process is quite natural for a new aquarium and is caused by the rapid multiplication of microorganisms.

The work of bacteria has already begun, and the colony of bacteria, which are dangerous for fish ammonium (ammonia), gradually forms within 10-15 days. If you plant the first fish earlier than 4-5 days after planting, you may die of ammonia poisoning. A colony of bacteria that process nitrite, which is less dangerous for fish, develops within 20-30 days. Bacteria that process nitrite into relatively safe nitrate begin to develop from 15-20 days.

At this point it is better not to disturb the processes of formation of biological equilibrium. In any case, do not replace the water, as this only increases the cloudiness. To speed up the start of a new aquarium, you can add some water from the old one or use a filler from the filter from the old aquarium. If you use a filter, even if there is no fish, it must be turned on-colonies of “useful” bacteria that participate in the biological filtration of water must mature on its filler.

A good indicator for a successful nitrogen cycle, the absence of a bacterial film on the surface of the aquarium water and the rapid growth of plants. The amount of ammonium, nitrites and nitrates is very convenient to control with special aquarium tests. Test the water twice a week for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphate. It is also not superfluous to test for acidity/alkalinity (pH) and carbonate hardness (kH).

After a few days (and possibly immediately after the beginning of the measurements) you notice a test increase in the water of ammonia, then the ammonia concentration begins to fall and increases the concentration of nitrite decreases and then nitrite, which begins to grow nitrate. Then there will be a second wave of Corrections where the same processes take place but in a smoothed form. In most cases, you can’t fix the third wave with tests because your bursts are already within the measurement error. This means that the biological Start of the aquarium is over.


A normal working filter ensures constant ventilation by mixing water with the surface layer enriched with oxygen. The need for additional air pump of the water in a decorative aquarium can only occur in an emergency situation (failure or clogging of the filter, mass death of fish or plants, in the treatment of fish, in a growing aquarium with a large young population and other cases.). And it is used for decorative purposes (if you like the flow of bubbles from below).

But if your aquarium has no living plants (or there are only a few), then there is no one to provide the aquarium with oxygen. And then the fish will experience a lack of oxygen. And then the compressor is needed. This is detrimental to an increase in the amount of evaporated water and a rapid contamination of the deck windows during the operation of the compressor. Conduct the hose of the compressor. Install and secure the sprayers. Connect the pipes to the taps, Splitter and compressor.

There are currently two types of compressors: diaphragm and piston. They differ in the principle of action. The Pistons are practically quiet but quite expensive. Membrane, if you work the “buzz”, many quite strong. But much cheaper. The compressor for the aquarium must also be selected with certain parameters: first, it must have such a pressure to” push”the height of the water column of your aquarium through the sprayer used. Secondly, have an estimated capacity of 0.5-0.7 liters per liter aquarium.

Various splitters, taps, sprayers, hoses and valves are used for ventilation with a compressor. In operation, the most convenient unit of splitters with built-in taps (which regulate the volume of airflow) is attached to each channel on the outside of the aquarium. If there is a channel in such a block, you do not need to remove the sprayers from the aquarium if you need to arrange a “flush” in the jigger or install an air lift there.

You just need to connect to the Internet. Of sprayers, it is better to choose those that give the smallest air bubble””. This ensures the best absorption of water. Sprayers in the form of long pipes “give” very large bubbles and are mainly intended for decorative purposes.

It is better to use silicone hoses for the air pump. They do not harden with time. A check valve is required if the compressor is installed below the water level. Sometimes, when it is turned off, there is a low pressure in the system and water is sucked into the supply pipe. And so all the water can flow out of the aquarium. The check valve is designed to prevent this Problem.

I hope you got an answer to the question of how long does water need to sit to dechlorinate and other water parameters.