how long can tropical fish go without food

How long can tropical fish go without food?

At the point when the fishkeeper starts an aquarium, he infrequently wonders about what the fish will eat during his time of abstinence. Ordinarily, before the vacation, the question emerges: How long can tropical fish go without food? Like some other living creature, fish have a requirement for nourishment. However, what occurs in the event that you don’t take care of the fish for a couple of days or weeks? How about we discover.

Tropical fish can easily go without food for 1-2 days. Obviously, if it’s not fry. What’s more, it is even helpful to do one fasting day in seven days. Imagine a scenario in which you need to leave for a more drawn-out time frame. The length of fasting will depend on various conditions.

For instance, what sort of fish you got? It has for quite some time been realized that enormous and “commercial” fish endure hunger all the more without any problem. For instance, goldfish are known for their perseverance of carp. In this way, a goldfish in an aquarium from 100 liters can do as long as 5 days without nourishment without a doubt. Obviously, this damages its immune system. It will weaken the immune system and health in general, but nevertheless, it will not die. But smaller fish will have a harder time. In rasbora or tetra, as in other small fish, the metabolism is much faster and it is far from a fact that they will be able to last a week.

The next important factor is vegetation. If the fish are herbivorous, and there are plants in the aquarium, you can say that they have food. During the hunger strike, they will be definitely eaten.

The third important factor is the conditions. It is known that the metabolism of fish slows down at the lower permissible temperature limits. Therefore, less food is needed and the fish will live longer than in the maximum permissible temperature.

In general, the answer is simple – up to two days can pass without consequences for most species of tropical fish to go without food. Everything else depends on the conditions: the size of the aquarium, the water parameters, the residents, Vegetation, fish, etc. In my practice, there was an aquarium for 600l with Characidae that has not been carefully fed for two weeks. At the same time, the fish looks completely healthy and well-fed.

The health of fish is not a place for experiments, so I propose a to-do checklist so that fish can live without food during your departure.

Feeding fish during vacation

Since fish can live without food for only a few days without consequences, I suggest considering ways to feed fish on vacation:

  1. Friends, neighbors. Ask for help or give it away for “content”.
  2. Auro feeders. Special feeders that work on a timer. Suitable only for dry food.
  3. Special feeds. There are feeds intended for vacation. They are usually available in the form of tablets that dissolve within a week.

These are the most popular ways to feed on vacation.