Do I need water conditioner for my fish tank

To keep order in the aquarium, you need to purchase various products for the care of the inhabitants of the underwater world in advance.

These include a water conditioner designed to remove harmful substances and toxins from water.

In this article, we will consider the types of water conditioners in the aquarium and instructions for use for them.

Why do I need water conditioner in my fish tank?

Beautiful fish in the aquarium give their owners a lot of positive emotions. But at the same time, they release the products of their vital activity into the water.

To keep the water suitable for the life of fish, various additives are regularly introduced into it:

  • improving the quality of life of fish,
  • preventing the development of viruses and infections,
  • eliminating cloudy water and the formation of unwanted guests (snails, leeches, worms).

Aquarium conditioner is a preparation that transforms an aggressive environment into conditions close to fish. In such water, they feel more comfortable, and lead normal life activities and even reproduce.

Regular use of your fish conditioner makes it easier to:

  • launching new water in the aquarium;
  • regular fluid changes;
  • treating fish for infections;
  • regulation of water parameters.

Water conditioner will only benefit your fish if you use it exactly as instructed. With him, they will be active, healthy, and cheerful.

Water conditioner can only harm the fish if it is used improperly. Therefore, before use, you must carefully read the instructions and manufacturer’s requirements.

The main advantages of aquarium air conditioners include:

  • Antiseptic properties;
  • removing chlorine from water;
  • protection of fish poisoning from waste products;
  • elimination of cloudiness;
  • protection against the formation of snails, worms, and leeches;
  • protection against fungi and unwanted algae;
  • regulation of pH and KH.

Varieties water conditioner for fish tank

Conditioners for fish by tanks are divided into:

  1. Products that remove heavy metals that are found in small quantities in tap water. In a confined space, their concentrate increases and leads to the intoxication of the inhabitants of the underwater world.
  2. Means of waste product elimination. Over time, fish waste accumulates in any aquarium, increasing the level of nitrite and ammonia in the water.
  3. Means of maintaining the health of fish and preventing their diseases. These drugs improve the health of underwater inhabitants and make them more resistant to infections and fungi.

How to use water conditioner

Most people pour ordinary tap water into their aquariums, which is dominated by some chlorine and other impurities that negatively affect the gills of pets.

The use of water conditioners for fish tank creates a safe environment for the fish in the aquarium and makes the water more transparent and clean.

Almost any conditioner is used as follows: for every 50 liters of water, add 5 ml of the drug.

If there are circulating devices in the aquarium, stir the water gently after adding the conditioner.

If, after adding the drug to the water, no flakes appear in it within half an hour, the dosage of the drug is doubled. Since the absence of coagulation indicates that the required concentration of the drug has not been reached in the water.

Do not drink, eat, or smoke while operating the air conditioner. If the drug gets on the skin or mucous membranes, immediately rinse them under running water.

Store any preparations for fish in a dark and cool place away from small children. Even after freezing and thawing, the products do not lose their properties.

The only thing is that with a strong decrease in temperature, a precipitate forms in them. To get rid of it, it is enough to heat the drug at room temperature and shake well before use.

What to look for when buying?

When choosing water conditioner for fish tank, you should read consumer reviews on the Internet in advance, compare the cost of products, and familiarize yourself with its technical characteristics.

Since modern manufacturers offer a wide range of different additives for aquariums, it is worth knowing what they do, how they work, and how to use them.

The main thing the chosen tool should do:

  • kill bacteria and viruses;
  • neutralize chemicals (chlorine, heavy metals, chloramines in the water supply);
  • increased the immunity of fish.

Preference should be given to proven and well-established brands that have a lot of positive reviews from customers.

Top 4 best manufacturers

Despite the wide range of products on the market, the following 5 brands have proven themselves best:

  • Tetra
  • Aquacons
  • Sera
  • Dennerle


It is an effective tool for quickly adapting tap water when starting up the aquarium. It prevents skin and mucous membrane damage in fish. It also fights white spots.

The drug does not harm vegetation and is completely safe for all microorganisms living in the water. It disinfects water, treats various fungal diseases of fish, and has no side effects.

It creates favorable conditions for the reproduction of fish, stimulates their growth, and helps to quickly recover from diseases.


Creates a safe and healthy habitat for freshwater fish, as it removes various turbidity of any origin. After using the conditioner, the water becomes clear almost immediately.

This tool effectively fights against:

  • heavy metals,
  • chlorine,
  • ammonia,
  • nitrates.

Suitable for fresh and seawater. Promotes favorable reproduction of fish and their correct growth, prevents diseases.


Makes the water clear, clean, and appropriate for the needs of the underwater inhabitants. The conditioner is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fish.

With its help, fish tolerate water changes much easier and delight the owners with a cheerful disposition and bright colors. In addition, Sera helps fish to reduce the stress during transfer and transport and facilitates better adaptation of newly acquired fish.

With this air conditioner, aquarium maintenance is minimized and takes much less time.

The preparation contains vitamins, useful microelements, and humic acids, which have a beneficial effect not only on fish but also on plants and all living organisms.


This product enriches the water with minerals, vitamins, and beneficial trace elements. It protects the skin, gills, and fins of fish from negative factors of an aggressive environment strengthens the immune system and increases their resistance to diseases.

Thanks to the dexpanthenol included in the composition, wounds, and injuries in fish heal much faster.

The iodine included in the preparation normalizes the thyroid gland in aquatic inhabitants, and the B vitamins reduce the likelihood of stressful situations.


In conclusion, it should be noted that using an air conditioner when caring for an aquarium has a positive effect on the inhabitants of the underwater world.

These products detoxify water, saturate it with useful vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. A well-chosen air conditioner neutralizes chlorine, heavy metals and removes cloudy water.
It will create the most favorable living conditions for fish, as close as possible to the natural conditions of their residence in reservoirs and rivers.