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How to eliminate black beard algae?

What is algae?

The main charm of the aquarium is the opportunity to contemplate the man-made corner of the underwater world. Therefore, aquarists do their best to maintain it in perfect order so that it always pleases the eye with its beauty. But sometimes living organisms appear in the aquarium, which in a very short time can nullify all the aesthetics. And the number one on this list is algae. Continue reading How to eliminate black beard algae?



Very often in aquariums, even experienced aquarium enthusiasts can find green dots on glass, soil, plants, and decorations. Usually, they are barely noticeable, but in advanced cases can reach 5 mm in diameter. Such spots are hard to the touch, and removing them is not easy. But if the decorations and glass can still be rubbed with a scraper or brush, then it is problematic to remove such fouling from the leaves of living plants, and often with a severe defeat you have to throw the whole plant. Continue reading Coleochaete



At some point, aquarists may encounter a brown algae film that appears on the glass, equipment, and decorations, from which even a weekly cleaning does not save: algae returns and returns. This is nothing but colonies of lower plants – diatoms. Continue reading Diatoms