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Rummy nose tetra

The rivers of the tropical part of South America gave aquarists a large number of ornamental fish species. One of them is the rummy nose tetra or red-nose tetra. This fish cannot boast of bright body color, but a tail with a black and white stripe and a ruby ​​spot on its head gives it a special charm. The features of the contents of this tetra will be discussed in our article. Continue reading Rummy nose tetra


The cichlids of Lake Malawi are popular aquarium inhabitants because they not only differ in stunning “outfits” but also are characterized by high intelligence and complex forms of behavior, which is a pleasure to watch. Labidochromis is the most peace-loving group, it is from it that it is recommended to begin your acquaintance with the amazing world of Malawians. Continue reading Labidochromis

Hoplo Catfish

Few aquariums are without catfish. In most cases, they live in the bottom layers of water, allowing you to “revive” the lower part of the aquarium. But their main value is that they act as real “orderlies” of the aquarium, eating up the rest of the food left by other fish, and thereby helping to maintain cleanliness in the aquarium. Continue reading Hoplo Catfish


In the family of Loricaria, or Armored catfishes, catfishes, there is a group of species that are not yet very widespread in the aquarium but are definitely of interest by their appearance and unpretentiousness in content. We are talking about loricaria, also known as whiptail catfish. What is remarkable about these interesting fish, you can learn from our article. Continue reading Loricaria


Everyone heard the proverb “dumb like a fish.” But, as practice shows, certain types of fish are very “talkative” and are able to make a wide variety of sounds. This is especially famous for the group of Doradidae catfish, which are often called “singing catfish.” And why they got such a name, you can find out from our article. Continue reading Platydoras