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What do tiger barb eggs look like

Preparation for spawning of tiger barb

In order to prepare calmly for spawning, the future producers are planted two weeks before the start of the process and the males are separated from the females. At this stage, it is important not to overdo the fish. Otherwise, women may have cystic diseases, leading to the death of an individual who cannot mark the tiger barb eggs, and men become overly aggressive. Continue reading What do tiger barb eggs look like

List of fish that can live without oxygen

When choosing future residents for their home reservoir, many owners are concerned about the question of which fish live without air in an aquarium. In fact, fish, like all living things on the planet, need oxygen, which can be atmospheric or diluted in the water column. As for the air in the aquarium environment, there are phenotypes that can do without it. Continue reading List of fish that can live without oxygen

How to stop angelfish bullying

The angelfish is a very popular freshwater tropical fish. Usually they have a calm, peaceful character, so they just need to pick a bit with neighbors. But it happens that the behavior changes dramatically – they begin to attack each other, bite and sometimes arrange real massacres. Then you start researching on, how to stop angelfish bullying . Well I’m glad you found this article. Continue reading How to stop angelfish bullying