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What to do when your fish is dying

Why your fish is dying?

It is very unpleasant when fish begin to die in the aquarium. It would seem that everything was done correctly: clean water is poured, the aquarium equipment is working, the fish receive food on time. Despite this, living creatures die. Unfortunately, this situation occurs quite often among newcomers to the aquarium business, which is why it is necessary to arm yourself with the knowledge of the causes of this phenomenon. Continue reading What to do when your fish is dying

Goldfish diseases

Goldfish care

Goldfish lives at room temperature and do not require heating. In small vessels with fish, abundant aeration of water is necessary – air purging. Perhaps keeping with other non-predatory species of fish, especially those with a tendency to bite fins. It should be remembered that the decorative species of goldfish are poorly adapted to competition, including for food. Continue reading Goldfish diseases