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What to feed dwarf gourami fry

What to feed dwarf gourami fry?

Dwarf gourami will inevitably appear when you reach a certain point in the fishkeeping world. Due to the fact that the males are beautifully colored for freshwater fish, they attract a lot of attention. What to feed dwarf gourami fry? The best way to feed them is to use a boiled egg and a brush …

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One of the most common foods of natural origin. The most common species are Chironomus plumosus – buzzer midge or Non-biting midges (bloodworms). Bloodworms are larvae of a number of mosquito species up to 2.5 cm. The size of larvae is different, which depends on the type of mosquito.



Artemia (Artemia Salina). Artemia belongs to the Crustacean (Crustacean) class, the subclass Branchiopoda (Branchiopoda), from the Fairy shrimps (Anostraca), the Arterniidae family, and the genus Artemia. They exist worldwide, occasionally found in brackish lakes.