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What to feed freshwater fish

Proper feeding of aquarium fish is a guarantee of your normal development and health. Usually, fish are given as much food as they can eat in about 5-10 minutes. On average, fish are fed 1-2 times a day – that’s enough for most aquarium fish. If you ignore these recommendations, feeding fish can become very harmful as a result of water pollution with decomposing food residues. In this regard, it is necessary to remove food residues in order to minimize water pollution. Continue reading What to feed freshwater fish

What to feed fish

Many aquarists treat the maintenance of fish with frivolity, because they behave unpretentiously. And in feeding for fish, the first available aquarium food is purchased without taking into account the quality of its composition, the presence of vitamins and nutrients necessary for the fish body. Food for fish is selected based on the type of fish, its activity, type of nutrition, age and health. Continue reading What to feed fish


Artemia (Artemia Salina). Artemia belongs to the Crustacean (Crustacean) class, the subclass Branchiopoda (Branchiopoda), from the Fairy shrimps (Anostraca), the Arterniidae family, and the genus Artemia. They exist worldwide, occasionally found in brackish lakes. Continue reading Artemia

Daphnia. All things aquarists would want to know!

Daphnia is a small crustacean that lives mostly in the fresh waters of the planet. With their miniature size, they have a rather complex structure and serve as an important element of the ecosystem – they multiply quickly and allow fish and amphibians to feed, so without them, the ponds would be much more empty. They also feed the fish in the aquarium. Continue reading Daphnia. All things aquarists would want to know!