Ammonia Ammonium

ammonium ammonia

What is ammonia?

Ammonia (NH3) is the most toxic nitrogenous compound formed in an aquarium. It is able to quickly kill fish or cause them various diseases. Ammonia occurs as a result of the decomposition of organic waste, which is produced during the life of aquarium

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Aquarium clear water

clear water

Both professionals and novice aquarists may encounter such a phenomenon as a change in the shade of the water in the aquarium and its clouding. There are many reasons why this happened, but not all of them are actually dangerous. Why does the water in the aquarium sometimes get cloudy and how to deal with this phenomenon?

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Guide to nitrogen cycle in aquarium

The nitrogen cycle is an integral part of the existence of any aquarium. The nitrogen cycle refers to the cycle of ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. Plants, aquarium inhabitants, and bacteria, i.e. all components of an aquarium biosystem. If you want to know why your aquarium gets cloudy, keep reading.

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