can i turn the filter off at night in my fish tank

Can I turn the filter off at night in my fish tank?

My number one answer to new fishkeepers who ask can I turn the filter off at night in my fish tank is. The answer is simple – it should run around the clock and continuously. Some want to turn off the filter at night, and some want to turn it off before leaving the house. This is not right and it happens to the fact that the new fishkeeper does not understand the processes that are occurring in the aquarium. In this section, I will explain why this is the case.

Why I can not turn the filter off at night in my fish tank?

The filter in the aquarium should work around the clock, day and night. Regardless of whether it is internal or external, it does not matter to me. In order to better understand why you can’t turn off the filter at night and during the day, let’s take a look at the reasons.

  1. Biological filtration in an aquarium. A self-sustaining ecosystem is one in which constantly multiplying bacteria form the framework for a life form. If the filter is to be effective, it must always be in use. When the bacterial balance is disturbed, the water will become cloudy, though there is a list of fish that need no oxygen or low amount.
  2. Water circulation. While beginning fishkeepers often forget about the function of the filter, it should be noted that its true purpose is to circulate water in the aquarium. There are certain species of fish that simply cannot survive in stagnant water, and as a result, they suffer from a significant reduction in activity.
  3. In most instances, a filter is used to supply air. Air dissolves in water and increases the level of oxygen in the water. This is relevant to both aquatic animals and plant life.

What happens if you turn the filter off at night in your fish tank?

If you disable the filter overnight, there are several options to choose from.

  1. Fish death can occur. They become more likely to do so if there are a lot of them. You must keep your pond aerated and oxygenated at all times or the fish may die due to the lack of oxygen or an imbalance in the fish tank.
  2. The water begins to be murky. Note that the filter is switched off and the water begins to stagnate when this happens. Other than that, oxygen levels can also change (if there is an air supply), which causes a bacterial outbreak.
  3. There’s nothing to worry about. It is entirely dependent on your Ecosystem. The large size of the aquarium, along with the fact that there are few fish present, suggests that the bacterial outbreak will not have enough time to take place, so temporarily shutting off the filter for 6-10 hours will have no effect. However, overdoing it every day is not good for you. However, while it can happen with worse outcomes in aquariums of a smaller size, they have a slower rate of progression in a tank of significantly larger dimensions.

So, there you have it. I’m looking forward to the chance to help in any way I can. You can send your questions to me through my social networks by accessing the links found in the footer of this page.

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